2023 STIHL MS 881 Gasoline Chainsaw

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  • the MS 881 is the most powerful chainsaw on the market with the largest displacement (121.6 cc) and engine power (6.4 kW).  Built for high performance work, this saw is the ideal choice for professional foresters and loggers.  Ideal for the most demanding forestry work, this chainsaw is excellent for working in extreme conditions when harvesting large wood.  The chain saw can be installed on a saw frame.  Equipped with a 2-MIX engine in compliance with the EU5 emission regulation and the HD2 filter guarantees a long service life.
    The MS 881 comes in 30, 36 and 41″ bar length options with a Rapid Super current of 0.404″

    Standard features

    • HD2 filterEnlargement
      HD2 filter

      The HD2 filter is made of polyethylene filter material with pores up to 70% finer than wool and polyamide filters to trap even very fine dust.  Furthermore, it is oil and water repellent and therefore very easy to clean.  PET covered filter cartridge with quick release latch allows the filter to be assembled and disassembled quickly, without the use of tools.

    • decompression valveEnlargement
      decompression valve

      The decompression valve is part of the easy starting system.  The valve must be depressed before starting to reduce the compressive pressure at start, as well as to reduce the effort required to pull the starter rope.  The decompression valve is semi-automatic;  must be pressed manually before starting, but closes automatically.

    • STIHL ElastoStartEnlargement
      STIHL ElastoStart

      STIHL ElastoStart reduces shock caused by engine compression during starting.  Compression shock is removed from the user’s joints and muscles by means of a spring or rubber element in the starter handle.

    • side chain tensionerEnlargement
      side chain tensioner

      The tension bolt can be found on the side of the chain saw through the sprocket cover.  This eliminates the need for sharp chain contact.

    • Variable Displacement Oil PumpEnlargement
      Variable Displacement Oil Pump

      Enables accurate, demand-based oil delivery.  It is possible to reduce oil production by up to 50% in the E position.  For very long cutting attachments or very dry wood, an additional volume of oil can be added by the user.  similar to the illustration.

    • Toolless Fill CapsEnlargement
      Toolless Fill Caps

      Special fasteners on fuel and oil tanks for easy opening and locking without the need for tools.

    • anti-vibration systemEnlargement
      anti-vibration system

      Intense vibration in the handles of power tools can lead to long-term effects on the blood vessels in the hands and arms.  STIHL has therefore developed an effective dampening system in which the machine’s engine oscillations are dampened, which significantly reduces vibrations in the handles.

    • compensatorEnlargement

      This controller in the carburetor prevents the air-fuel mixture from getting richer as the air filter becomes clogged.  The correct amount of fuel is supplied to the carburetor depending on the amount of air that passes through the air filter.  This keeps the fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture constant and therefore also the engine power.  The filter does not need to be cleaned until there is a considerable drop in power.

    • Carburetor heating (V)Enlargement
      Carburetor heating (V)

      When changing the saw from summer to winter operation, the intake air is preheated in the engine fins.  This ensures that the carburetor doesn’t freeze and you can continue working in freezing temperatures.

    • Single lever master controlEnlargement
      Single lever master control

      All important functions such as start, choke, throttle and stop are operated via a single lever.

    • Ematic chain lubrication systemEnlargement
      Ematic chain lubrication system

      The Ematic chain lubrication system ensures precise lubrication of the saw chain links and guide bar rails.  When used with STIHL OILOMATIC chain, it will provide maximum lubrication, greater wear and less oil consumption than conventional chain lubrication methods.  The Ematic system can reduce bar oil consumption by up to 50%.